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I decided that I needed professional help to move the project along.  A friend who did some bodywork on the old hunting car was available, and I asked him to do the work for me.  He did a great job of repairing the crude bondo work that I started.

  He shot the paint on both the car body and the box that fits on the car.

Before painting.

Before painting.



After painting.

You will notice in the next pictures that the front was not painted.  We still have body work to do on it, but if we mount the box on the car, I can get most of the box installation finished by myself.  The front end work is independent of the box and rear end work.

The box fits on the VW body.  It has two dog cages, storage area, shelf for ice box, rear seats, water for dogs, drinking water, etc.  This box design is flexible since this is the third body on which the box has been mounted.  The bodies may fail, but the box lasts.

Left view of box

Right view of box

Front view of box where rear seat fits

When we finished, we needed to work on the underside again so we created a "poor man's lift".  A stack of pallets does very well to hold the car in the air.

Car in the air for work

Chip doing final welding on bumper mounts

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