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The frame for the front of the car is removed from the old car and cleaned up to put on the front of the new car.  Once the frame is in place, the front panel is fitted to the frame.
Old frame on old body.  This frame will be cut off and be installed on the front of the new body.

Old frame cut and ready to be removed.  Forklifts are great for holding things.

Old frame fit onto new body.  Frame did not fit correctly and required cutting to fit properly.

Chip Thomas is a master at cutting and welding.  Here he trims up the new body to fit the frame.

Chip lets me cut an easy one.

The moment of truth.  Fitting the old front panel onto the frame on the new body.  This is a temporary fit.  The panel and frame must be painted.

Side view of front panel (temporary fit).

Remove front panel and weld frame in place.  Sides of bottom frame are missing.

Weld sides to frame.  This shows the left side.

Step into front seat needs filler metal.

Fitting metal filler piece

Metal filler welded in place

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