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Final phase of the project

Install the front end panel

Side view of front end panel

Prepare to install engine

Engine in place (no wiring yet)

 The engine had sat on a pallet for about three years without running.

I hooked up the engine and cranked it.  It cranked, but did not start.  I poured a little gas in the intake of the carburetor and tried it again.  It fired up and purred like a kitten.  VW engines are amazing.

I promised my children a hunting trip during Christmas Holidays, and I was in a time bind.  I towed the car to Dale's Imports in Corpus Christi, TX for final tune up.  Dale can accomplish in a day what would take me a week to do.

Towing the Quailmobile out of the shop

Ready to go to Dale's Imports

When the car came back from Dale's, we had to install the box and complete the wiring.  The wiring was a real puzzle since the instrument panel from the old car was a 1971 and the wiring harness for the new car is a 1970.  This required studying wiring diagrams to determine the subtle differences in the wiring of the two different model years.

Install the box on the body using the forklift

Rest box on pallets to check fit

Box fitted and in place

Install back seat

Install divider in dog area to separate it into two cages

This is how the wiring looked before the front panels was installed so you can appreciate the challenge

View the Finished Quailmobile



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