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The time gap since the Phase 4 pictures is about nine months.  My friend, Conley Juban, lent me his Jeep Scrambler for hunting the 2006 - 2007 season which took the pressure off.  Who wants to work on a hunting car in the heat of the Texas summer.  Not I!

We are back working on the Quailmobile in September 2007 to get ready for the forthcoming quail season.  Conditions in South Texas have been outstanding for quail reproduction.  We are predicted to have the best season in over fifteen years and I need to be ready.

The major work to be done is to finish the front end of the hunting car.

Remove front panel from old car

Frame after panel removal

Remove front of new Quailmobile


Use forklift to hold front end as I cut it off

Front end cut loose from body

New car with no front end

Cut skirt off front end


Skirt removed to show ends of fame

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